Caffeine Film Production
International boutique production company

with Ukrainian prices and Israeli quality

About our company
Caffeine Film Production is composed of professionals that have a wide experience in creation of series, films, cartoons and commercials for Israel, Ukraine and Russia.
We develop and create video of any complexity and any format, starting from the concept and scenario and ending with the promotion of the final product.
Our Solutions
Creative Pre-production

• Concept development
• Script
• Directing
• Creative core: DOPs, art directors, designers, actors
• Location/Decoration
• Film crew
• Actors and extras of any ethnicity, type and language
• Logistics
• Legal support
• Equipment
• Remote control
Additional services
• Post-production
• Video editing
• Music
• Design
• Voiceover
• Accommodation, personal drivers, location scouting, meals, help with medical tests and insurances
• Assistance with VAT refund, cash rebates, permits and legal issues

Why us?
Turnkey solution
We offer full range of production services, including development, scriptwriting, pre-production, casting, directing, post-production.
Seamless remote workflow
  • Global cloud-based workplace via QTAKE & ZOOM.
  • Your virtual presence while casting and location selection, shooting, post-production( editing, music, CG and VFX), co-directing
Core team
Producer and director of international award-winning web-series and short movies, jury at Blackbird Film Festival, lector at 1+1 Media School.
Member of Ukrainian Film Academy. Award-winning screenwriter and producer of the most successful live-action and animation projects of Ukraine and Russia: "The Fixies", "6 Frames", "Selo na million", etc.
Kateryna Golenko
Executive producer and production coordinator, organized filming of several Israeli projects in Ukraine. Winner of "48 hours" competition.
Anna Nekrasova
Fixer, producer, international co-production projects, worked with Vice (UK), Discovery Animal Planet, ColdWater Media (USA), M6 (FR), etc.
Projects we took part in
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Why Ukraine?
Less COVID-19 restrictions
Wide range of locations
Ukrainian, authentic Eastern Europe and "worldwide" locations
Best price-quality ratio
Budget optimization / script adaptation
Average prices are cheaper than in any other country in Europe
Government support
• Easy to get permits
• VAT refund
• Cash rebates
• President filmmaker
Ukraine location
Untouched nature
Cities and Subway
History, Soviet Past
"Worldwide" Locations
Original vs Ukraine
Price reference
Best price-quality ratio
1,5-2 times cheaper than in other East European countries
Cash rebate:
• Cash refund from Ukrainian Film Fund (from 2020)
• No VAT
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